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  • 50 gallons Gas Bagel kettle and boiler for Machinery Manufacturer in New York
  • 30 per hour Flour Tortilla press for Restaurant in Ohio
  • 500 x 16 oz Pint Glass Beer glasses for Brewery in North Carolina
  • 250 lbs Nugget Ice machine for Social Service Organization in Tennessee
  • 2000 Lbs Flake Ice machine for Fishery in Texas
  • 80 inches Bagels and Breads Food display case for Bakery in Virginia
  • 16" x 20" Tortilla grills for Restaurant in Arizona
  • 40 gallon Gas Bagel kettle and boiler for Restaurant in California
  • 2 x 5'x2.5' Food prep tables for Bakery in Virginia
  • Bagels Manual Dough divider for Bakery in Virginia