Kyu Rhee

Dreamfill Inc.

Tacoma, WA

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  • 100 lbs to 300 lbs per hour Nutraceutical Ingredients Auger filler for Chemical Company in Ohio
  • 500 lbs per hour Spice Auger filler for business in Louisiana
  • 60 lbs per hour Paste Auger filler for Health And Personal Care Store in Washington
  • 30-20bpm granulated sugar Auger filler for Farm in Vermont
  • 25-30lbs pancake flour Auger filler for Farm in Montana
  • Need quote for 10 bpm Powder Bottle Filling Machine for business in California
  • 200-600 lbs/hour Spices in Powder form Auger filler for Food And Beverage Distribution Company in District of Columbia
  • 10 lbs Grain Auger filler for Consulting Firm in Colorado
  • 800 Lbs / hr tea leaves Auger filler for Machinery Manufacturer in Texas
  • 1000kg per hour Powder Auger filler for Diversified Manufacturing Company in Georgia