Louis Chavez

FH Packaging

Riverside, CA
General Manager
I have been in the distribution industry since I was 14 years old, starting work on a part time basis after school. Bringing myself to a supervisory level of a major corporation at the age of 21. Then a management level to this present day. I have always been a hands on type of guy to better understand the industry and provide customers with only the best product and service. Priding myself in customer satisfaction and getting involved whenever possible. You will have direct contact with me through the process of your purchase and assured that I will make the process as easy as possible when requesting your products. Contact me when you are ready to discuss product needs and I will do my very best in customer service, satisfaction, supply and demand.

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  • 100 x 1 oz / 30 ml 20-410 Glass bottles for Personal Products Company in Massachusetts
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