Pleasantville, NY
Full supplier of wine, beer, cider, and distillery equipment.  Prospero has 5 locations in the U.S., two technical parts departments, and is a leader in tech support in North America.

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  • Beer 12 oz/355 ml Can filler for Brewery in New York
  • Keg Washer Dual head for Winery in New York
  • 1 x 5000 L Fermenters needed for business in Georgia
  • 10 gpm Variable Speed Transfer pump for Brewery in Pennsylvania
  • 1000 BPH Bottle Filling Machine for Wine needed for Winery in North Carolina
  • 5bbl 22 F Brewing filtration for Brewery in Ontario
  • 2500 BPH Bottle Labeling Machine wanted for Distillery in North Carolina
  • Need quote for 2 x 2500 gal Fermenters for Cidery in Minnesota
  • 40 gph Plate and frame filter Wine filtration for Food Company in Texas
  • 2 tons 250 cases Press for Winery in Colorado