Matt Johns

Lincoln, NE
Supplying craft brewers with the knowledge and equipment to expand an established brewery or launch a new brewery.

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  • 15 bbl Jacketed Bright tank for Beverage Company in Colorado
  • Need quote for 7 bbl Brewhouse for Brewery in Texas
  • 3 x 7 bbl Fermenters wanted for Brewery in Colorado
  • 15 bbl Jacketed Bright tank for Consulting Firm in Florida
  • 3 x 5 bbl Fermenters needed for Brewery in Ohio
  • 15 bbl Jacketed Bright tank for Machinery Manufacturer in Maine
  • 6 bbl Brewhouse with 3 - Combined Mash/Lauter, Kettle, and Whirlpool vessels for Brewery in Florida
  • Need quote for 6 x 6 bbl Fermenters for Brewery in Florida
  • Quote for Brewery Tanks wanted for Brewery in Michigan
  • Beer 12 oz/355 ml Can filler for Brewery in Florida