Michael Goldstein

Sun Packaging Technologies

Pompano Beach, FL

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  • 10 bpm New or Used Shrink tunnel for Winery in Florida
  • 10" x 16" x 4" Polypropylene Bag sealer for business in Florida
  • luggage 30 loads Stretch wrapper for business in Florida
  • 63.5 x 25.4 x 6.35 mm Semi-automatic Flow wrapper for Candy Company in Washington
  • cases of acrylic boxes Semi-automatic Stretch wrapper for Wood Company in Illinois
  • 1-15pm 0000m?? Shrink wrapper for Brewery in Minnesota
  • Washers Dryers commercial Automatic Stretch wrapper for Machinery Wholesaler in New Jersey
  • up to 20" loaves of bread 30-45/minute Flow wrapper for Diversified Wholesaling Company in Michigan
  • pallets, max 8", turn table or rotary tower Semi-automatic Stretch wrapper for business in Pennsylvania
  • 3x3x12 glass with pvc capsule Shrink tunnel for Winery in Indiana