Mick Lawrence


Brooklyn, NY
I have been selling, designing, specifying commercial food service 'equipment' for  healthcare, corrections, education facilities  for 20+ years. Let me help you find the right product for your space and needs

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  • 40 cubic feet Solid Door Commercial refrigerator for Restaurant in Pennsylvania
  • Equipment stand Single Convection oven for Restaurant in California
  • Door Type 20 inches Commercial dishwasher for business in Missouri
  • 100 pounds Full-Dice Ice machine for Restaurant in Pennsylvania
  • Door Type Low Temperature Commercial dishwasher for Recreation Facility in California
  • Door Type High Temperature Commercial dishwasher for Religious Organization in New York
  • 6' x 8' Indoor Walk in cooler for Brewery in Massachusetts
  • 2 x Gas Convection oven Commercial ranges for Coffee Shop in Connecticut
  • Restaurant, Bar or Cafe Any Type Commercial glass washer for Brewery in Virginia
  • 40 quarts Counter-top Mixer for Foundation And Club in Wyoming