Mike Humes

Flextank USA

Vancouver, WA
Vice President, Operations and Marketing
Spent the last 30 years in the plastic industry and joined Flextank USA in 2010

Mike's Stats
100 %

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Recent Quotes:

  • 4 x 330 gal vinegar Plastic food totes for Bakery in Minnesota
  • 275 gal wine Plastic food tote for Consulting Firm in Colorado
  • 4 x 30 gallon Supplier Recommended Plastic tanks for Winery in Oklahoma
  • 330 gal fish oil Plastic food tote for business in California
  • 6 x 30 gallons Conical Plastic tanks for Brewery in Pennsylvania
  • 330 gal beer Plastic food tote for Brewery in California
  • 3 x 275 gal oil Plastic food totes for business in California
  • 100 x 275 gal vegetable oil Plastic food totes for Food And Beverage Distribution Company in Texas
  • 275 gal aquaphonic Plastic food tote for Grocery in Alabama
  • 330 gal ginger syrup Plastic food tote for business in New York