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Blue Label Digital Printing is an experienced digital printer providing high quality custom labels. We create full color labels with a variety of substrates, finishes (foil stamping, embossing, etc.) and adhesives. Our customers depend on us to produce the finest label for their products. From design and preparation assistance to proofing and delivery, we make the process simple and cost effective. Maybe even fun.

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  • 1000 x Clear 24" Promotional stickers for Architecture And Design Firm in California
  • 1000 x White 5 or more colors Promotional stickers for Party And Event Planner in New York
  • 200 x Removable Clear Polypropylene Bottle labels for Beverage Company in Texas
  • 500 x Non-adhesive 1/2 bbl Keg collars for Brewery in Minnesota
  • 2000 x Non-adhesive 1/6 bbl Keg collars for Brewery in Utah
  • 500 x Other Glass Bottle labels for Beverage Company in Idaho
  • 10000 x Permanent Square Cut Bottle labels for Beverage Company in Illinois
  • 1000 x Permanent Any Material Bottle labels for Beauty Salon in California
  • 1000 x Any Material 2 inches Bottle labels for Dairy in Ontario
  • 1000 x Square Cut Multiple Images Bottle labels for Bakery in Illinois