Peter Whitehead

Orchard Park, NY
Director of Sales

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  • 1200 gal Other Pasteurizer for Beverage Company in Massachusetts
  • New Apple Fruit press for Distillery in North Carolina
  • 480 gal/hour Beer Pasteurizer for Brewery in Quebec
  • 2500 L water and sugar based food supplement Pasteurizer for Pharma And Medicine Company in New Jersey
  • 100 gal/hour 200 gal Pasteurizer for Winery in Utah
  • 520 gal/hour Beer Pasteurizer for Brewery in Illinois
  • 200 gal/day Juice Pasteurizer for Restaurant in Hawaii
  • 700 L/hour Beer Pasteurizer for Machinery Manufacturer in Ontario
  • Apple 800 lbs Fruit press for Bakery in California
  • 30 gallons per minute water with dissolved and suspended organic fine partculate content Pasteurizer for Biotech And Seed Producer in Florida