Rick Eisel

Collierville, TN
Mr. Rick T Eisel, (Rick)Owner of Flour Line LLC, serving the Bakery Industry since 1982 Rick T Eisel, built his first warehouse to show new and used equipment in 1982. after an honorable discharge from the United States Airforce where he was security and Law Enforcement, SAC elite. He does not believe in doing anything halfway. The business he has built at the age of 60 is one of a kind and caters to the bakeries from the 24 hours Flour Line LLC is open, the discounts, the Midwestern professionalism and follow through. He believes that the customer is the boss. You will enjoy working with him and all the factories that work with him to bring you Bakery Solutions now and into the future. We are way ahead of our competition in Technology, Customer Service, reasonable prices on parts and less downtime, no specialized parts except the plates on the press. This is Ricks Personal Opinion after selling the used equipment out there and seeing how it did not hold up. I am here to give the World Another Choice that is Better. With Ricks 38 years in the industry and over 90 percent of his customers are repeat customers, mixed with an entrepreneurial spirit

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