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El Monte, CA
Sales Representative
I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and inquiries in flexible packaging area.

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  • 10000 x salads Fiber Food Packaging for Restaurant in Maine
  • 5000 x powdered flavoring Fiber Food Packaging for Beverage Company in New Jersey
  • 500 x Windowless Cardboard Custom boxes for Apparel Store in New York
  • 500 x Plastic Catering Company Food Packaging for Food Truck in North Carolina
  • 500 x tea tea Food Packaging for Coffee Shop in New York
  • 1000 x powders plant plastic or aluminum Food Packaging for Copacking Company in California
  • 200 x turquoise with white 15x15x8cm Custom boxes for business in Florida
  • 1000 x Windowless Cardboard Custom boxes for Beverage Company in Pennsylvania
  • 1000 x Fiber Food Manufacturing Company Food Packaging for Farm in North Carolina
  • 1000 x dinner Plastic Food Packaging for business in New York