Russell Zipkin

Oakland, CA
Internet operations manager
Over 40 years experience in the foodservice equipment and home appliance industries. Chefs First has all the resources available to help answer any questions and source any equipment you might need.  Russ will always do his best to help you with great prices and great advice.

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  • Nugget 100 lbs Ice machine for business in South Dakota
  • Low Temperature Undercounter Commercial dishwasher for Cidery in Michigan
  • Half-dice 70 lbs Ice machine for Bar in Alabama
  • Flake 100 lbs Ice machine for Brewery in Wyoming
  • Flake 30 lbs Ice machine for Legislative Office in New Mexico
  • Flake 3 lbs Ice machine for Religious Organization in Louisiana
  • Conveyor High Temperature Commercial dishwasher for Hospital in South Carolina
  • Flake 200 lbs Ice machine for Restaurant in South Carolina
  • Half-dice 10 lbs Ice machine for Coffee Shop in California
  • Flake 100 lbs Ice machine for Beverage Company in Louisiana