Ryan Jones

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Springfield, OR
Account Executive

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  • 2000 x Single sided Wood Drink coasters for Brewery in California
  • 500 x Single sided Wood Drink coasters for Advertising And Pr Agency in New Jersey
  • 250 x Can blue or black Koozies for Financial Services Office in Wisconsin
  • 500 x Bottle Black and white Koozies for Consulting Firm in Illinois
  • 200 x Can Any Koozies for Business Services Company in Iowa
  • 500 x Can Red, pink, camo, purple, black Koozies for Insurance Company in Texas
  • 100 x Bottle red Koozies for Hospital in Nebraska
  • 80 x Can red, white or blue Koozies for Dairy in Virginia
  • 100 x Can black Koozies for Online Store in New Hampshire
  • 2000 x Bottle Black Koozies for Restaurant in Florida