Wendy Ocean

Montreal, QC
Aplication Engineer / Sales

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  • Need quote for 110 BPM Automatic Bottle Capping Machine for business in Michigan
  • 60 BPM Bottle Capping Machine needed for Pharmaceutical bottles for Pharma And Medicine Company in New York
  • Need quote for 1200 BPH Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine for Food Company in Texas
  • 3.21" Plastic Unscrambler for Bakery in California
  • 150 BPM Bottle Labeling Machine wanted for Bakery in California
  • Need quote for 150 BPM Automatic Bottle Capping Machine for Bakery in California
  • 5000 BPH Bottle Filling Machine for Hard Alcohol needed for Beverage Company in Illinois
  • Brewery With or Without Hopper Unscrambler for Real Estate Firm in Virginia
  • 20000 BPH Bottle Labeling Machine needed for Dairy in Arizona
  • Need quote for 3000 BPH Automatic Hard Alcohol Bottle Filling Machine for Distillery in Texas