Norcross, GA
Sales and Marketing Manager
My name is Zeenat Virani. I have been working with Easy Refrigeration Company for past one year. I enjoy working with people and helping them save money for what they are looking for. As we are family business, it's always a personal attention given to each customer. Looking forward to working with you.

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Recent Quotes:

  • Half-dice 400 lbs Ice machine for business in Texas
  • Outdoor 3-Phase Walk in freezer for Consulting Firm in Pennsylvania
  • 1foot Outdoor Walk in cooler for Restaurant in North Carolina
  • Single or 3-Phase Indoor Walk in freezer for Food And Beverage Distribution Company in New York
  • Outdoor 3-Phase Walk in cooler for business in New York
  • Indoor 3-Phase Walk in freezer for Restaurant in New Jersey
  • Outdoor Single Phase Walk in cooler for Convenience Store in Oklahoma
  • Indoor Single or 3-Phase Walk in cooler for Farm Equipment Producer in Tennessee
  • Outdoor Single or 3-Phase Walk in freezer for business in Texas
  • 3-Phase Indoor Walk in cooler for Contractor in Texas