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Vancouver, BC

Your craft beer starts here.  Be your own brewmaster. Take your restaurant or pub to the next level with a craft beer brewery. Prettech Canada can set you up with an on-site brewery. From planning to 2D modeling and installation, were your turn-key solution to making amazing beer. Our microbrewery solutions are scalable and can fit into spaces as small as 600 square feet. This is your opportunity to entice customers, drive traffic and increase sales. Its easy. We offer financing options, a two-year warranty and low pricing - guaranteed. Get hopping and contact Prettech Canada. Its time to get your business brewing

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Jan. 10, 2017 Sold 1 unit of mash tuns to a customer in Allentown, PA
Dec. 13, 2016 Sold 1 unit of brewhouses to a customer in Traverse City, MI
Nov. 21, 2016 Sold 2 units of wine tanks to a customer in Eldersburg, MD

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