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Since 1979, family-owned pro BAKE, Inc. has provided the very best in bakery equipment solutions for retail, commercial, and high-volume industrial bakeries. In addition to providing and servicing the industrys most comprehensive line of equipment and accessories, pro BAKE offers personal consultations, custom layouts, and unmatched long-term support. For over 35 years, we have been the exclusive distributor of Polin equipment and have gained unsurpassed knowledge of the equipment lines we offer. In addition to establishing a vast client base, we have placed significant importance on maintaining our relationships in order to aid in our clients growth.

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Mar. 02, 2016 Sold 1 unit of commercial grills to a customer in Phoenix, AZ
Jul. 05, 2015 Sold 1 unit of chocolate temperers to a customer in Colorado Springs, CO
Jun. 08, 2015 Sold 1 unit of bagel kettles and boilers to a customer in Long Beach, CA
Mar. 02, 2015 Sold 1 unit of mixers to a customer in Plano, TX
Mar. 03, 2013 Sold 1 unit of mixers to a customer in Missoula, MT

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Mar 09, 2016

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