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We operate using a 4-color press, which enables us to achieve a variety of different printing effects. We also have a variety of inks for you to choose from. Plastisol inks are what have been commonly used in most screen printing. They leave a thicker feel on a garment and are typically used on athletic apparel. Additives can be mixed in to leave a softer feel but still maintaining the ink's vibrance. Water-based ink is eco-friendly and entirely green. It leaves a softer hand feel and are great to work with on cotton and cotton/blend apparel. Discharge ink is a type of water-based ink, but is typically used when printing on dark garments. This ink dyes the dark shirt to its natural color, and deposits the colored ink to replace the color of the shirt. This effect leaves the shirt with "no feel", meaning that the ink and the fabric of the shirt blend seamlessly together. For more information, send us an email or give us a call.

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