Baby Flex Chocolate Compound Sugar Coating

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Chocolate enrober
Baby Flex enrober is supplied in belt width 320 mm, and is well suited for all enrobing works.

Uniform coating of products
Stainless steel
Great for smaller productions
Can be disassembled without tools
High flexibility
Modular design

The Baby Flex Enrober is carried out in stainless steel and is supplied in bandwidth 320 mm. It is suitable for all enrobing works such as total enrobing, bottoming, partial enrobing and a combination of bottoming and enrobing for all sides of the product. It comes with a wiremesh frame provided with 250 mm infeed wiremesh. An adjustable shaking device for smoothing and removal of surplus coating is also supplied with the machine.

The Baby Flex is equipped with a rod detailer for removal of tails at the end of the coated products. The wiremesh table can easily be lifted out of the machine to facilitate the cleaning. Also a moveable heated cabinet containing two extra chocolate hoppers and thermostatically controlled heating element is offered with the Baby Flex. The Baby Flex Enrober is equipped with PLC touch screen and the enrober has working direction left to right.

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