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Master XXL Chocolate/Compound/Sugar Coating

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The Nielsen Master XXL Enrober is supplied in belt widths from 850 mm up to 2600 mm. Detachable lower section containing the chocolate service tank, enables rapid changeover and is suitable for all enrobing works. Suitable for high speed / high out-put productions 24/7. Features: Stainless steel and groundbreaking design Detachable lower section Advanced closed water system Documented reliability in three-shift operation Slow-running, temperature-neutral chocolate pumps Excellent in high capacity productions Uniform coating of products Precision engineering The Master XXL enrober is installed at leading manufacturers around the world and is applied for a broad variety of products ranging from doughnuts to jam rolls and from cookies to candy bars. The Master XXL enrober is designed for high volume production of a wide range of products with many different quality demands. The Master XXL is suitable for total enrobing of for example candy bars or cake rolls with precise adjustment of coating thickness using a combination of blowers and shaker. Bottom enrobing of for example cereal bars and chocolate cookies or combined bottom and side enrobing is also made on the Master XXL. Finally partial or edge enrobing of for example biscuits or cakes can be made on the Master XXL by using special accessories to separate the chocolate curtain to include or exclude specific parts of the product. All the components of the Master XXL, including the frame and panels are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel. The Master XXL’s operation panel is either an Allen Bradley or a Siemens PLC touch screen with programmable recipe feature, all dependent on the individual customer’s preference. The machine is designed for 24 hour operation.

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