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SuperNova Energy CTS

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Features: Quick and easy in-line production shifts High performance and low operating cost Constant crystal content Unique Scandinavian design in stainless steel Space saving – no external detemper needed The CTS is a holding tank, chocolate pump, detemper and tempering machine, all in one unit. With rising energy prices, and a worldwide push to be more environmentally friendly, the SuperNova Energy collection is the tempering solution of the 21st century. Our newly developed energy unit significantly reduces water and power consumption. The SuperNova Energy produces energy savings up to 50% of production costs compared to traditional tempering machines. Our innovative energy tempering process ensures entirely stable Beta V crystals in the chocolate. Our process also guarantees an extended crystallization period up to ten times longer than the standard, followed by continuous mixing and adjustable temperature controls. We also built upon the AMC SuperNova platform by developing a higher temperature output to improve mass flow. Handling your chocolate mass has never been easier - even reduce the necessary cocoa butter and achieve the same results as with a traditional temperer.

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