Automatic Inline Induction Sealer – Model IS 2000

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Induction sealer
ACASI inline Induction Cap Sealer model IS 2000:

Induction sealer features:
•	2 KW MOSFET power supply
•	Waterless (air cooled), No water, no filters, no pumps, no radiators, no flow switches, no mess
•	Microprocessor controlled 
•	Soft touch membrane control panel 
•	High efficiency solid state transistor technology inverter 
•	Loss of seal (LSI) output 
•	Front panel LED status and fault indicators for easy troubleshooting 
•	Stainless steel cabinet 
•	CE certified, ETL approved 
•	Meets cGMP requirements 
•	Universal coil capable of sealing a wide range of closure diameters 
•	Compact, lightweight. Our induction sealers are up to 1/3 the size of water-cooled systems
•	Fast, easy set-up and coil changeover, No tools required for coil set-up or changeover
•	Independent power supply and sealing coil, Eliminate possibility of sealing coil causing power supply to over heat
•	Precision coil height indicator, Indicates adjustment to within .001 of an inch to insure correct coil height
•	Customer run contacts, Interfaces to other machines or devices to indicate run status of sealer
•	Adjustable loss of seal alarm contacts, interfaces to warning alarms or lights to indicate possible non-sealing condition with respect to output.
•	Diagnostic indicating lights, aids in trouble-free operation
•	All sheet metal in stainless steel for sturdy, easy to clean, maintain, and use in the toughest of applications
•	Customer interlock contacts, interface allows customer to stop machine from external equipment or location, manual restart
•	Membrane control panel, soft touch, easy to adjust controls
•	CE, ETL, and/or EMC approved, equipment and components are ETL, CE or EMC listed and approved when appropriate

Technical Specifications:
1.       Input 
•	Power source: 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, I phase 
•	Power consumption: 2.7 KW (12 Amp at 220 V)
2.       Output 
•	Power: 2000 watts 
•	Voltage: Low tap: (H2) 268 Vrms, Middle tap: 350 Vrms, High tap: 440 Vrms
3.       Current: 11 Amps
4.       Frequency: 45 to 60 kHz 

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