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Chemical Resistant Conveyor


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Stainless Steel
Infeed Conveyor Type

Product description

6in. Conveyor Standard Features: - Structure manufactured in UHMW-PE material. - Legs manufactured with highly corrosion resistant fiberglass tubing utilizing a vinyl ester resin system with a UV inhibitor. - Drive and idler shafts manufactured with Square UHMW or PVDF. Transmission to gear motor via coupling. - All screws will be plastic rated for HCL or Hastelloy C276. - PVDF - UHMW PVC or Polypropylene used as materials. - Polypropylene belt with Polypropylene rods. - Variable speed drive installed in filling machine electric panel. - Variable speed control mounted on conveyor for independent conveyors. - Height adjustable legs with HCL plastic threaded rods and support bases. - Adjustable side guides with UHMW brackets. - Sealed Plastic enclosure for motor and gearbox protection. - Completely enclosed box for gear-motor assembly. - Low positive pressure for gear-motor assembly. - Washdowm motor standard. 6in. Conveyor 90 degree turn Standard Features: - 30 in radius. - Manufactured with low friction UHMW-PE. - Includes perforations so product spill flow thru. - PVDF - UHMW PVC or Polypropylene used as materials. Electric Requirements: - 220 Volts, 60Hz, 10 Amps. - Not applicable for conveyors wired into a filler control panel.

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