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#10 Clamp-Mount Manual Meat Grinder

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Stainless Steel
Chef's Supreme

Product description

Chefs appreciate the flexibility of having their own meat grinding station in the kitchen, and hunters especially love the convenience of grinding fresh deer meat at home. This Chef's Supreme meat grinder is the perfect choice for budget-minded foodservice operators or cooks that want freshly-ground meat in their recipes at home.Specializing in high-quality, economical commercial kitchen supplies, Chef's Supreme has constructed this grinder using stainless steel and cast iron. Its #10 hub makes it ideal for processing meat occasionally or in small batches. Featuring an adjustable clamp-style attachment, this hand-powered meat grinder can easily fasten to tables, counters or other food prep surfaces up to 1-1/2 inches thick.Whether you are a hunter who loves the convenience of grinding fresh deer meat at home or a foodservice veteran looking to put fresh ground meat on your menu, you will find that this grinder is ready for the task.

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