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11" Stainless Decorated Serving Spoon

Product specifications

Stainless Steel
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit

Product description

This catering spoon is ideal for use at catered events where a decorated spoon blends with existing serving utensils and dishes. No matter its use, this 11 inch catering spoon offers elegance and efficiency. As a multi-use spoon, it's great for a variety of purposes, from serving and tossing to portioning and mixing food ingredients. Whether it's being put to work for back-of-the-house food prep or for front-of-the-house serving - this versatile spoon offers the efficiency needed for caterer's who can only bring limited supplies to events. Decorative details in its design help this stainless steel utensil enhance the dining experience at any catering event. With an elegantly decorated handle, it is a catering spoon that brings sophistication to the buffet table.

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$2.95 - $3.25 / unit
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