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11" x 8" Black Oblong Birdnest Metal Basket w/ 2 Ramekin Holders

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1 unit

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This birdnest basket features built-in ramekin holders to easily serve condiments and dips alongside side dishes or main entrees. Provide your guests with the ultimate dinning experience with this birdnest basket that features built-in ramekin holders from American Metalcraft. This basket allows you to easily serve a delicious dip or condiment to complement appetizers, sandwiches, sides, and more.Note: While we strive for accuracy on our website, we have used photos and information provided by American Metalcraft in order to offer this product for sale with the standard features listed above only. Accessories and features considered "optional" by American Metalcraft", whether pictured or not, are not included but are available at extra cost.

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$14 - $15 / unit
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