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1.14 cu. ft. Ventless Rapid Cook Convection Microwave Oven

Product specifications

Stainless Steel
Heat Type
Convection / Microwave
Plug and 6' cord
1.14 cu. ft.

Product description

Serve warm, delicious food with minimal wait times! With innovation and top performance in mind, TurboChef has designed rapid-cook ovens that are versatile, user-friendly, and save energy. TurboChef ovens cook faster and produce consistent results without compromising quality.Are you looking for the quality of convection cooking with the speed of microwave heating? Look no further than this state-of-the-art oven from TurboChef Technologies. Present food to your customers in an efficient manner and still have the quality that a standard oven provides. The i3™ cooking oven is ideal for bistros, coffee shops, concessions, bars, nightclubs, casual dining, hospitality, fine dining, and quick service restaurants.The i3 oven provides superior speed and cooking performance while requiring less space and consuming less energy. This countertop oven will provide your establishment with consistent chef-quality results, no matter who is doing the cooking. The large cavity size fits up to a half-size sheet pan - perfect for medium to large batch cooking.Because of the top-launched microwave system, use of metal pans is allowed and the catalytic converter allows for UL certified ventless operation. The internal catalytic filtration limits smoke, grease, and odor emissions, allowing you to use the impinger oven without the use of a hood. Independent top and bottom impinged airflow is precisely coordinated with the microwave to deliver superior quality and speed.The exterior of the i3 commercial oven is constructed of two-tone stainless steel on the front, top, and sides. The interior is constructed of a fully insulated stainless steel cooking chamber. The exterior also features a ergonomic door handle and rubber seal for surface mounting. The oven has side hand grips for lifting.Other features for the i3 rapid cook oven are:Smart Voltage Sensor TechnologySingle or dual-temperature interfaceFlash firmware updates via smart cardEasy to use: only two key presses to cook any itemSmart menu system capable of storing up to 200 recipesSelf-diagnostics for monitoring oven components and performance

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Ace Mart Restaurant Supply price
$11,334 - $12,468 / unit
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