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13" Solid Basting Spoon w/ Black Handle

Product specifications

Stainless Steel
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit

Product description

Hang this multi-purpose spoon in your kitchen for easy access and convenience! This 13 inch solid basting spoon with black handle will offer you several advantages in the kitchen. The solid spoon head is designed to aid in the art of basting, a technique used to moisten, flavor, and add texture to foods by spooning juices over the dishes as they cook. The length allows you to safely spoon the top of your dishes with juices, melted butter, sauce, or marinade and avoid burning your fingers. This spoon is specifically designed to be long and narrow so that it can reach into tight areas - perfect for basting meats and poultry without having to remove the entire dish from the oven or stove top. Its Bakelite handle is molded with a hanging hole for easy storage and retrieval, and offers comfort and improved grip. Use this basting spoon for grilling, roasting, rotisserie, pan-frying and more. Also used to drain food, and remove ice and foods.

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