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15w Insect-a-Trap Replacement UV Bulb

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Control Zone Products
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1 unit

Product description

This Insect-a-Trap replacement bulb helps you keep your bug trap effective and your business bug-free. Nothing bugs your customers more than the unwanted presence of insects. If your Insect-a-Trap Fly Control's bulb has burnt out, you can keep your customers' dining experience pest-free with this replacement bulb. It produces ultraviolet light which attracts various types of unwanted flying visitors. Lured in by the light of this bulb, your Insect-a-Trap's glue boards will trap the pests that bug your guests.Flies, mosquitoes and other less-desirable insects are a universal foodservice problem. Keep your bug trap baited and your guests happy by picking up this replacement bulb to minimize the downtime of your Insect-a-Trap.

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$9.95 - $11 / unit
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