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16 oz. "Inverness" Cooler Glass

Product specifications

15-1/4 oz
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit

Product description

The perfect glass for soft drinks, iced teas, and as an alternative for beers and ales. Sold in a case of 24 Toughening processes increase both the mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance - the two biggest factors that affect glassware performance in a foodservice operation. Mechanical strength is the ability to withstand impact and resist scratches, tiny abrasions, and flaws that weaken the glass. Even small nicks and scratches that you can't see can affect breakage. Thermal shock resistance is the ability to withstand sudden shifts in temperature. Glass is a poor conductor of heat. Every 1° change in temperature adds 25 lbs. per square inch of stress to a glass.So what's the difference between DurTuffing and tempering? Libbey's exclusive processes were developed not only to reduce breakage and chipping, but to also change how a glass breaks - an important safety consideration in foodservice operations. Fully tempered glass is unstable, and can shatter in an explosive manner. It breaks into smaller jagged pieces that can travel long distances, potentially contaminating ice bins or salad bars, shutting down production for a period of time. The need for product replacement due to breakage and chipping affects your bottom line. Libbey's toughening processes produce glassware that stands up to more servings which means more profits for you.Libbey's DuraTuff® treatment is a super strengthening thermal alterprocess for "pressed" tumblers and stemware. The process is performed only on the upper portion of the glass", increasing its resistance to thermal and mechanical shock. Treating just the upper third of the glass at a lower temperature than tempering puts less stress on the glass and positively affects how the glass breaks as well as improving the overall durability. This process produces some of the most durable glassware in the industry.

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$92 - $101 / unit
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