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2 oz. Translucent Plastic Souffle Cup

Product specifications

2 ounces
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit

Product description

Minimize waste and maximize profits by serving the perfect sized portion every time with these plastic portion cups. Sold in a pack of 250 These 2 oz. translucent Solo souffle cups provide the perfect portion for any purpose. Made of durable, crack-resistant polypropylene, these portion control cups are ideal for the many diverse dining and carryout applications in today's foodservice market. For dining, these plastic portion cups can serve anything from small side dishes to salad dressing and whipped butter, and because they are disposable, you can save valuable time and effort on cleanup. For carryout, when coupled with a secure fitting clear lid, they safely transport side sauces such as ranch dressing, marinara, salsa, and more. These souffle cups can even be used to serve jello shots. Regardless of what you serve in them, these plastic portion cups will help minimize waste and maximize profits by allowing you to serve the perfect sized portion every time.

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$4.25 - $4.68 / unit
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