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200 c. White Plastic Ingredient Safety Storage Bin

Product specifications

200 cups
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit

Product description

Increase productivity, improve food safety and decrease supply costs with Rubbermaid's Ingredient Safety Storage Bin System. Rubbermaid, the leader of food storage, understands the complexity of your business and the multitude of challenges you face on a daily basis managing food costs, time and labor issues. To help you strike a successful balance in managing the daily demands of your business, Rubbermaid builds value into every storage container they make.The ProSave™ Ingredient Bins and Containers allow for ease of access to the ingredients for preparation efficiency and promoting food safety compliance. This ProSave™ Ingredient Bin from Rubbermaid has quick one handed access while stacked and integrated measuring tool increases preparation efficiency, space optimization, and promotes food safety compliance.Because of the FIFO barrier inside the bin, the food product that was first in is the first to come out. This is accomplished by removing the lid and filling the ingredient in behind the barrier. Then, scoop ingredients from the front of the storage bin to manage ingredient rotation. Integrated 2 Cup Safety Portioning Scoop and hook provide dedicated scoop storage for safe ingredient portioning. By holding the scoop handle and securing it to the hook, hands don't touch the product, decreasing the risk of cross-contamination. The lid locks onto base to protect ingredient integrity.The front and rear handles aid with safe and stable portability. The storage container's base is durable with smooth surfaces to help maintain cleanliness. The ingredient bin has clear windows and ingredient labels for easy identification of contents. Made for smaller quantities of ingredients, this bin can hold up to 200 cups.

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$211 - $232 / unit
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