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216 lbs. Stainless Cube Ice Maker


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Imagine having ice that is still cold after 18 holes of golf. Ice that only needs to be refilled once on your buffet. Ice that tastes the same from the first sip to the last! All of this can be accomplished with the perfect cube ice from Kold-Draft. KOLD-DRAFT® manufactures commercial ice machines and commercial ice makers, as well as ice dispensers, ice crushers, and ice bins. Kold-Draft's energy-efficient commercial machines produce the only square cube - cubes proven to be the industry's most pure. Kold-Draft ice-making process literally freezes out impurities that competitors' ice machines can't. Pretty Nice!Why Is Upside Down Better?Visualize an upside-down ice cube tray. Kold-Draft uses a similar ice tray, called an evaporator, inverted atop a molded water plate. The evaporator is refrigerated and has individual ice cube cells. The water plate has a hole corresponding to every cell through which water is pumped vigorously, injecting it to the top of each cell and down the four sides.Each cell acts as an individual freezing unit. As the water circulates continuously through the cell, it forms ice smoothly on the cold surfaces, eliminating air and flushing away impurities, producing one perfect ice cube per cell. Pure water freezes first, so the water containing mineral impurities is washed down and out through two drain holes located under each cell. This leaves only pure water frozen into Kold-Draft cubes that are always pure, sparkling, easy to handle, and perfectly shaped. After automatic rinsing, the next cycle is started with a measured amount of fresh water.Each Kold-Draft ice machine is built to last, starting with type 304 stainless steel, which provides a corrosion-resistant finish inside and out. Kold-Draft ice machines can be stacked one on top of another for additional ice capacity and to provide a variety of ice sizes in one location! This flexibility provides a guaranteed ice making capacity able to increase as ice requirements grow. All Kold-Draft ice machines are manufactured with zero ozone-depleting HFC R-404a refrigerant.Other features for this Kold-Draft ice maker:Air cooled condenserStainless steel frame and exteriorApproximately 216 lbs. of ice production per 24 hoursMeets the California Energy Commission

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