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22 qt. Stainless Twist Frozen Yogurt & Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine - SIS501

Product specifications

Stainless Steel
Energy Consumption
30 amps

Product description

With SaniServ® equipment you'll spend more time serving tasty treats and less time servicing your machines!This equipment includes free installation inspection and operational training with a certified technician! Founded in 1929, SaniServ® began as a manufacturer of amusement park equipment in Indianapolis, Indiana. Two years later, they made the very first frozen custard machine. SaniServ products paved the way for food service automation, contributing to the 1950's fast food boom. Simplistic design, rugged construction and continuous improvement put SaniServ at the forefront of the frozen dessert and drink marketplace. State of the art control systems and fewer internal parts ensure that SaniServ machines are easy to use and easy to clean.The SaniServ model 501 soft serve freezer is a favorite in providing versatility to serve two individual flavors as well as a flavor twist. The ice cream machine offers high profit, consistent quality soft serve and yogurt products in a popular countertop design. The commercial soft serve machine has two independent flavor hoppers and barrels that guarantee separation of product and flavors. Ease of operation insures the 501 as a favorite among owners and operators while providing customers the popular flavor twist of frozen yogurt they enjoy!The 501 frozen yougurt freezer saves valuable floor space and turns the countertop into a real profit center by serving two high profit ice cream and frozen yogurt flavors along with the ability to twist the flavors into a frozen dessert favorite.The softserve dispenser is designed and built with the fewest parts to be disassembled, cleaned, and sanitized than any other soft serve machine in the industry. The state of the art solid-state AccuFreeze control insures product consistency, worry-free operation and customer satisfaction. The countertop frozen yogurt dispenser combines efficiency with consistent product quality and fast, quiet operation while insuring customer satisfaction with high profit ice cream or frozen yogurt treats.The soft serve ice cream machine is built to achieve long and dependable life through simplicity of design. Every ice cream freezer is shipped standard with a stainless steel exterior, durable steel interior frame construction, heavy-duty components and consistency systems. This medium volume ice cream machine is ideal for cafes, restaurants, and product sampling. With an eleven quart capacity, this frozen yogurt dispenser can do four 4 ounce servings per minute per side!IMPORTANT INFORMATION NOTICE:MANDATORY WARRANTY ACTIVATION STEPSTo ensure long-lasting performance of this equipment, mandatory steps are required for the manufacturer's warranty to be activated. The equipment must be installed and undergo a SaniServ specific Check-Test-Start (CTS) service by a certified technician prior to being used. The technician check the installation of the equipment to the required specifications, and will then guide you and your users through the processes of operating, maintaining, and cleaning the equipment, including start-up with the product. There is normally a $275-375 per unit fee for this mandatory service and installation, however Ace Mart includes this for FREE!

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Ace Mart Restaurant Supply price
$16,329 - $17,962 / unit
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