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226 lbs. Electric Potato Peeler

Product specifications

Stainless Steel
550 watts3/4 hp

Product description

For 50 years SAMMIC has been offering customized solutions for our most demanding users in catering and hotel, licensed trade and food industries. It is crucial to have efficient vegetable and food preparation in a restaurant kitchen. To be completely prepared for the meal-time rush, you want to have everything prepped and ready to go when it's needed. That's why it's so important to select the best machine for the job to make sure the task gets done quickly and efficiently. Since Sammic started manufacturing high quality food prep equipment in Spain during 1961, the development of Sammic Dynamic Preparation family has been constant, currently offering the most comprehensive range of Dynamic Preparation and Food Preservation equipment on the market. Sammic offers a range of vegetable preparation machines that make Sammic food prep equipment the right choice for the most demanding users. A must-have for operations with a large amount of potatoes to peel, this high productivity potato peeler is for French Fries and so much more! This commercial vegetable peeler machine can be used to peel the skin off of touch vegetables, like carrots and potatoes. Simply set the potato peeler with an adjustable 6 minute timer for whatever duration you need. This commercial electric peeler uses an abrasive plate (that feels like sandpaper) that is certified by NSF to remove potato skin without a lot of waste. The sidewall plates are constantly reincorporating the potatoes for uniform peeling and less trim loss. The system permits water flow only when the potato peeler machine is peeling, eliminating manual water intake and reducing consumption to a sustainable level. The transparent cover allows you to visually monitor the peeling process.

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$3,008 - $3,309 / unit
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