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32 oz. Scoop & 400 c. Ingredient Bin Lid

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1 unit

Product description

This Ingredient Bin Lid has one-handed access and integrated measuring tool to increase preparation efficiency. Rubbermaid® strives to make food operations as productive, safe and smooth as possible. The Ingredient Bin system provides ease of operation as well as maintaining a healthy environment in the back of house of any kitchen.This lid's rectangular design improves space optimization under a preparation table or in a storeroom. The scoop hook system allows the scoop to be stored inside the bin and out of the product for quick access. A clear window allows contents of the ingredient bin to be easily identified. Clasp secures lid on base to protect ingredient quality. The lid's industrial grade structural web construction ensures durability and has smooth surfaces to maintain cleanliness.

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$106 - $117 / unit
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