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3/8" Easy Onion Slicer II

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Slice onions, celery, potatoes, green peppers, firm tomatoes, cucumbers, citrus fruits and more! Built for versatility, Nemco's Easy Onion Slicer II can cut all kinds of vegetables. Equipped with a cartridge blade assembly that's pre-tensioned, the onion slicer takes labor savings and operator safety to a whole new level. Now slicing onions and other firm veggies and fruits into 3/8" slices is truly easy! Designed as a single", modular cartridge, the blade set on this slicer is properly aligned and tensioned at the factory. As a result, the blades require absolutely zero tightening - not out of the box, not after heavy use in the busy commercial kitchen. Instead, your employees save time by doing more slicing and less fiddling with the blades, achieve and maintain better slicing consistency, and reduce blade exposure for optimum safety. The onion slicer features stainless steel blades and commercial-grade aluminum construction for lasting durability. Sturdy legs stabilize unit for smooth slicing, while the rubber feet prevent slipping. Through it all, a number of special features optimize efficiency:The slicer's vertical drive and ergonomic handle use the power of mechanical leverage to take all the effort out of cutting and minimize operator fatigueThe legs are built tough for maximum stability and are specially formed to accommodate placing a food pan right beneath the bladesWith a simple pull of the pin, the pusher assembly comes off for cleaning or a quick change out when switching to a new blade set of a varying slice width

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$382 - $420 / unit
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