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5 Pan Insulated Aluminum Cook/Hold Oven Cabinet

Product specifications

Stainless Steel
Cres Cor
Product Temperature
140°F to 325°F
2,000 watts
225 lbs.

Product description

Cook and hold up to 50 pounds of meat in less that 4 square feet of floor space! This mobile oven from Cres Cor® has two separate compartments and controls to permit menu flexibility. The cook-n-hold gentle radiant oven is designed for flavorful results by slow cooking. With a slow cooking method, you will get 15% to 20% less shrinkage of your product. The non-venting oven, permitted by most local codes, provides easy, inexpensive installation.The oven's efficient 2000 watt power unit allows for reheating of prepared meals or bulk items. The solid state electronic control has a large, clean, easy to read and operate LED digital display to ensure holding at precise food temperatures.There are 18 factory or field programmed cook and hold cycles for this undercounter oven. Each programmed menu can be customized for exact time and temperature needs. This portable catering oven even allows you to probe cooking, because it includes one 6" food temperature probes.The commercial oven has a fully insulated", stainless steel interior for ease of cleaning; and an aluminum exterior for durability and easy cleaning as well. Smooth interior coved corners prevent food particle/grease buildup.The field reversible insulated doors prevent temperature loss, while silicone door gaskets provide proper sealing. The high temperature ceramic magnetic latches are easy to open and offer security during transport. Safety conscious anti-microbial latches protect against spreading germs.The oven can be operable on either 208 or 240 Volt circuits at the flip of a switch, making it a great choice for catering operations. The stainless steel pan slides hold eleven (11) 18" x 26" pans on 1-3/8" centers. The oven is supplied with 2 wire grids per compartment", and heavy duty 3-1/2" swivel casters", two with brakes.

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Ace Mart Restaurant Supply price
$4,200 - $4,620 / unit
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