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6" Third Size Amber High Heat Plastic Food Pan

Product specifications

Product Temperature
-40°F to 375 °F
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit

Product description

Whether you call them food pans or hotel pans, these steam table pans are essential for storing food items and other high heat food applications! This 6" third size high heat food pan is a versatile pan that will serve its purpose efficiently. Carlisle's high heat hotel pan has a BPA-free", polysulfone plastic construction for high temperature applications, able to withstand -40°F to 375°F. The food pan has structural rigidity on its spoon-able bottom for easy access to food contents, while also preventing food waste. Its textured bottom reduces the visibility of scratches, while clear sides allow for quick and easy viewing of inside food contents. Corners and sides of this pan are also textured, to ensure a sturdy grip and prevent slipping. This steam table pan features reinforced corners for extra support and increased strength against breakage and warping. The smooth interior finish makes clean up effortless - an added bonus! This high heat pan meets specifications for use in food bars and steam tables.

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$30 - $33 / unit
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