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7 qt. Stainless Frozen Yogurt & Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Product specifications

Stainless Steel
Energy Consumption
15 amps
7 Qt

Product description

This soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt machine makes a profitable addition to any kitchen without taking up too much space.This equipment includes free installation inspection and operational training with a certified technician! Sweeten your menu with this Stainless Frozen Yogurt & Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine. It features a single head and a 7-quart hopper, making it perfect for small portions, samplers or for serving desserts à la mode. This SaniServ model DF200 has the fewest parts of any other machine in the industry. This low number of parts make it simpler to clean and sanitize, saving you time. Its simple design also gives it a long and dependable service life. Its stainless steel exterior and heavy-duty components further add to this machine's durability.This countertop soft serve machine features quick, quiet operation to ensure your customers enjoy their dessert without shouting over machine noise. It also has self-contained refrigeration and a small operational footprint, allowing you to maximize the space in your kitchen.IMPORTANT INFORMATION NOTICE:MANDATORY WARRANTY ACTIVATION STEPSTo ensure long-lasting performance of this equipment, mandatory steps are required for the manufacturer's warranty to be activated. The equipment must be installed and undergo a SaniServ specific Check-Test-Start (CTS) service by a certified technician prior to being used. The technician check the installation of the equipment to the required specifications, and will then guide you and your users through the processes of operating, maintaining, and cleaning the equipment, including start-up with the product. There is normally a $275-375 per unit fee for this mandatory service and installation, however Ace Mart includes this for FREE!

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$4,046 - $4,451 / unit
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