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8 oz. Black Popcorn Machine

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Concession Land

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An affordable popcorn machine perfect for concession stands, fairs, and fundraising events. NOTE: POPCORN MACHINE ONLY. DOES NOT INCLUDE CART. Popcorn is a crowd pleaser. It is also a money maker! This popcorn machine from Concession Land will help you deliver the airy, buttery snack your customers crave while bringing in great profits for your business.This popcorn popper has an 8 ounce stainless steel kettle, meaning it can make approximately 32 cups of popped popcorn per batch. It features two independent hinge doors for easy access for serving or making popcorn. Below the doors is a stainless steel hinge cover that can be opened independently. This allows you to scoop fresh popcorn without opening the plastic doors and letting heat escape. Your popcorn product can be easily seen through any of the three glass side panels.This popcorn machine features simple-to-use three button operation: one to initiate heat, one to control the turner, and one for the warming light. The warming light not only helps to keep popped popcorn fresh and ready for service, it also illuminates the cabinet making for an eye-catching and tantalizing display.Cleanup of this popcorn popper is simple. A removable crumb tray on the bottom of the machine collects unpopped kernels so they can easily be discarded. The kettle can also be removed for simple and thorough cleaning.This popcorn machine is ideal for concession stands, stadiums, fundraising events, and more.

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