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9" Anodized Aluminum Springform Pan


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1 unit

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Make baking cheesecakes and tortes easier with this springform pan. This 9-inch springform pan from Winco is the perfect size for cheesecakes, tortes, and cakes. Featuring a 3-inch tall removable ring with a rolled edge, this pan is built to keep your creations in beautiful condition upon removal of the ring. Its anodized aluminum construction heats uniformly, promotes non-stick properties, and is simple to clean. The bottom plate of this springform pan is patterned with divots that distribute heat evenly for proper browning. These divots also help release the product from the pan, even with delicate crusts like graham cracker or flakey pastry. This springform pan is a great addition to your cooking line-up and helps you show off your baking creations.

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$17 - $19 / unit
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