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American Basics 12" White Rimmed Dinner Plate


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1 unit

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Manufactured in North America, Ace Mart China is the best choice for new restaurants and caterers or for those looking for an economical and high quality alternative to their current dinnerware. Sold in a case of 12 The creamy white color is perfect for both casual and more formal dining, as well as catered events, hotels, institutional kitchens, and more. Plus, all Ace Mart China is sold in convenient small case quantities, eliminating the need for you to meet any two or three dozen minimum to order - great for small events or quick replacements!Each Ace Mart China product undergoes strict quality control through every step of the manufacturing process, from selection of high-quality raw materials, to forming, and on through the high temperature firing process. Each product is fired at least twice; first at 1830°F to form basic body strength. Lead-free glaze is then applied and the product is fired again at 2340°F, where the glaze develops its brightness and high resistance to abrasion and metal markings. The result is a product unique for its combination of both hardness and durability. In addition, the foot on each piece is double-polished to a smooth, velvety texture, virtually eliminating abrasions caused by stacking. Ace Mart china is completely vitrified and designed for tough commercial use, and safe for conventional ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and cheese melters.

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$77 - $85 / unit
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