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Break-Up® Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner

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1 unit

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Remove grease and grime from your ovens and grills with this aerosol cleaner! Sold in a case of 6 Get rid of tough-to-remove buildup on your oven, grill or fryer with this Break-Up® oven and grill cleaner. Its powerful formula attacks grease, breaks down grime and helps you clean away carbonized soils. Capable of spraying from any angle, this aerosol cleaner is perfect for cleaning ovens, grills, fryers and other equipment. It removes buildup from stainless steel, porcelain, iron, undecorated ceramic, concrete and even glass.Although formulated to work on many kinds of surfaces, be sure to avoid spraying this cleaner on pilot lights, electrical connections, switches, light bulbs, heating elements, receptacles or thermostats. Additionally, do not let this product make contact with floor coverings, linoleum, aluminum, copper, chrome, painted surfaces or plastics. Do not apply this cleaner to surfaces that are hotter than 180°F. While this cleaner is designed to clean most ovens, grills, and other foodservice equipment, it should not be used on continuous or self-cleaning ovens.When using this aerosol cleaner, wear long chemical-resistant gloves, chemical splash goggles and protective footwear. After applying the spray, allow the foam to work for 30 minutes at least (2-4 hours at most). Wipe the foam clean with a wet sponge or paper towels. Wash hands and arms after use.

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