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Chrome-Plated Continuous Odor Control TCell Dispenser

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1 unit

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The TCell odor control system dispenses a consistent level of fragrance, with up to 33% refill source reduction over traditional 30 day systems! Technical Concepts' TCell™ Continuous Odor Control System delivers a precise dose of pure designer fragrance and odor neutralizer for 60 days without the use of batteries. Conventional gel systems lose their fragrance intensity over the life of the refill, but TCell remains constant. When it comes time to change the refill, the process is quick and simple - taking less than a minute!How TCell WorksThe fuel cell creates hydrogen with the fragrance chamber. As each molecule of hydrogen is created, it forces (pushes) an equal volume of fragrance out of the chamber. Natural air flow in the washroom distributes the fragrance throughout the room. Just position the dispenser in an area, normally 3 to 6 feet from the entrance, where moving air will disperse the fragrance and neutralizer throughout the entire area.

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$20 - $22 / unit
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