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Classic Series Two Compartment Convection Steamer

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Stainless Steel

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Many of today's chefs are turning to steam cooking. They find it to be a wonderful way to cook. Steam can put heat into a product quickly and without burning or damaging the food. Cleveland understands this very well, and has jumped ahead of the competition. With an emphasis on greater performance, efficiency and operating ease, Cleveland is the leading line of steamer cookers that deliver fresh nutritious food in step with today's healthful eating. With this in mind, this 24-CGM-200 Classic Series Model is ideal for a la carte or heavy volume cooking. The 24-CGM-200 Cleveland Classic Series Model uses a gas fired steam generator that emits 200,000 BTUs. Cooking with forced convection steam, permits doors to be opened while cooking continues. The Instant Steam Stand-by Mode holds the generator at steaming temperature. This allows the 24-CGM-200 steamer to start cooking instantly. Its high efficiency, gas steam generator includes an electronic spark ignition, and automatic water fill at start up. Compartment doors, and steam cooking cavities are constructed out of durable 14 gauge 304 stainless steel. Additional features of the 24-CGM-200 natural gas steamer include: Automatic generator drain at shutdownAutomatic water level control systemSteam generator equipped with high limit pressure safety switch

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