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Commercial 2-Burner Lift-Off Griddle


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Rocky Mountain Cookware

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Turn your range into a sizzling griddle with this two-burner lift-off griddle. Turn your range into a sizzling hot fry top with this 14-inch by 24-inch lift-off griddle from Rocky Mountain Cookware. Crafted from heavy-duty 3/16-inch steel, this griddle is designed to turn two burners into a hot surface for easy frying. This lets you meet rushes head-on when your griddle gets too crowded. If you do not yet have a griddle, this lift-off version lets you try out new menu items before investing in a more permanent solution. It is compatible with any standard commercial open top, gas, induction or electric ranges, providing ultimate flexibility to fit the equipment in your kitchen. It can even be used on a grill top to cook food that might otherwise fall through the spaces between your grate.With a high rim to prevent grease from running down into your burners, this griddle's most innovative feature rests at each of its corners: pourable spouts that allow you to easily dump excess grease. It also has spring-shaped handles that help disburse heat. Warrantied up to 600°F, this versatile tool would be at home in any commercial kitchen. It is even compatible with most griddle cleaning products, which means that you can most likely use the ones you already have on hand.

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