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Drink Machine Advance® Beverage Blender


Product specifications

2.3 HP
Energy Consumption
11.5 amps
cULus, NSF
48 oz.

Product description

Produce high-quality blends with consistent results with this durable beverage blender. From light fruit smoothies to thick shakes, this Drink Machine Advance® from Vitamix can blend drinks that your customers will love. Featuring six pre-programmed routines with an automatic shut-off, this blender lets you to start it up and walk away while still getting consistent results every time you use it. This means minimal training is required for operation, and your staff can prep other food or attend to customers while the machine does its own work. It also has a pulse feature, allowing manual control to fine-tune your recipes if desired.It features high-endurance laser cut stainless steel blades that require replacement less frequently than other blade types, while still reliably producing the results that you expect. The blade assembly on this machine features double bearings that reduce vibrations, extending the life of your motor. The motor itself has a unique air cooling system that increases power while also dampening noise and reducing operational heat. The motor even includes a built-in automatic shutoff that prevents overheating. This further increases its operational lifespan to give you the highest return on your investment in quality equipment.This drink blender's 64-ounce container is suitable for both low-volume and high-volume beverages, giving you flexibility for choosing your menu items. With its lid plug, you have the ability to add ingredients while blending. This blender also includes a tamper, making it possible to process hard-to-blend fruit drinks without stopping to stir.The power and versatility of this Vitamix blender yields food texture and flavor of exceptional quality without the need for intermediate steps, such as straining ingredients through a chinois. Its durable design and its ability to reduce prep time make it a great profit-boosting benefit for any commercial foodservice operation.

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$480 - $528 / unit
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