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Embassy 5.5 oz. Champagne Coupe Glass


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5.5 oz
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1 unit

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Express your creativity in cocktails. Add a new twist to your barware. Libbey glassware is specifically developed to help you stand out from the competition! Sold in a case of 36 As America's glass maker since 1818, Libbey is renowned as the leading producer of glass tableware products in the Western Hemisphere. But glassware is just a part of Libbey's story. As a fully integrated tabletop provider, Libbey dinnerware, metalware, and holloware are manufactured to the same exacting Libbey standards for quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal as Libbey glassware.Stay in front of drink and menu trends, while bringing tabletop visions to life with the ideal glassware. Deliver a customer experience that builds business. Libbey Foodservice can help you do all this and more! Libbey's comprehensive product offerings and experienced insights help you set your table for success - from fine dining to casual - whether it's for a couple celebrating a special night out or the family cook taking a night off.Coupe glassware was originally created to hold champagne and was popular for sweet champagne in the 1930's. Now making a comeback as part of the vintage trend, coupe glasses are now being used not only for champagne, but for specialty cocktails and martinis as well. Designed with a shallow bowl, this coupe glass isn't the best choice for dry champagne, because the bubbles dissipate so quickly. Easier to serve and hold than V-shaped martini glasses, coupe glassware is an excellent choice for serving a reinvented retro drink at your restaurant or bar. Putting a twist on an old favorite? Serve it in a coupe glass to catch your customer's eye and keep them coming back for more and more.Sometimes an occasion calls for something special. Maybe your customer is celebrating a new job, or just feels the need to break the routine. This is your chance to make a statement with these coupe cocktail glasses! Signature drinks demand signature glassware. After all, the first impression a customer has of their drink is with their eyes. When you create specialty cocktails, choosing the right glass makes all the difference. By enhancing a drink's perceived value, specialty glassware is an investment that pays for itself quickly.Backed by the Safedge® rim and foot guarantee, if the rim or foot of any one-piece stemware item chips, Libbey guarantees to replace or refund the price of the glass when its returned to the dealer/distributor from it was originally purchased.

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